Back on July 14, 2000, the Colombian Government created Law 594, law of archives. Grabando Archivo’s founders sensed an opportunity to rescue the audio visual archives of the country. Along the next 5 years, they focused on the ardous task of gathering all the required equipment to successfuly achive that goal.

The first digitalization contract in Colombia is signed between G.A. and the “Radio Nacional de Colombia”.

The Bogotá Philharmonic Orchestra begins the digitalization process of its audiovisual archives. G. A. digitizes the series of inch format visual archives.

G. A. digitizes the CNTV’s (Comisión Nacional de Televisión) general archive.

We digitalized the Presidential historic archive of the last 40 years.

Colombian National Library begins the digitalization process of its audiovisual archives. They turned in their first series of documents to G.A.

G.A. digitizes the first 10.000 hours from the Colombian Statal Television’s main archive (RTVC).

The Military and Police Forces Retirement Fund entrusts G.A. the implementation and development of a document management software.

Internal cleaning and digitalization of video media of the RTVC’s audiovisual archive, corresponding to the 1-inch format.

The autonomous patrimony of the CNTV delivers to G.A. its audio visual archive to be managed.

The Colombian Agency for Reintegration (ACR) trusts G.A the digitization and transcoding of its audiovisual archives.