To achieve a successful Document Management Project, we must take into account account the Documentary Management Program (Programa de Gestión Documental-PGD)processes, which considers the entire document’s life cycle from its production, reception, distribution, processing, organization, consultation, conservation, and final disposition, for which the General Archive of the Nation (Archivo General de la Nación-AGN), has contributed to the generation of archival tools, such as: the Documentary Retention Tables DRT, Documentary Valuation Tables DVT, and more. Those tools help us to organize and administer the archives and documentary collections through a methodology that will take us step by step through a sequence of organized and logical activities, up to the implementation of optimized technological tools.

Lower administrative costs, higher productivity

Information Access

Guarantee the security, conservation, preservation and recovery of information

Archive organization

Software implemetantion

Document microfilming

Document digitazion

Retention and valuation table preparation

Archive manuals, instructions and procedures creation

Document management training for the implemented system